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DocuCopy integrated ID cards are blank, laminated ID card forms that can be printed directly on the lamination with your high-speed printer or office copier for a durable and cost-effective card. DocuCopy ID cards are integrated right into the sheet for fast and efficient printing.

Featuring Our Patented DocuPeel® Card with Synthetic ID Card

DocuCopy’s DocuPeel card features a synthetic ID card embedded into a paper sheet.  The crisp white polyester card peels out cleanly and easily from the carrier sheet.  The waterproof and tear-resistant card is available in a variety of thicknesses.  Embossing dots on the carrier sheet allow trouble-free loading and printing on the front and back using any production or office equipment.

DocuCopy Integrated ID Card Features:

  • Embossing Dots:  Eliminate stack bias for more efficient printing.
  • Universal Printing:  Print with toner, inkjet, or HP Indigo equipment using our proprietary laminate.
  • Custom Options:  Contact us to design a custom sheet for you.

DocuCopy Integrated ID Card Types:

A variety of card and sheet styles are available to ensure the right fit for every job.

  • DocuPeel®:  Peel-out style with a tear-resistant and waterproof synthetic card for variable printing on both sides of the card.
  • DocuPerf: A perforated card with toner-receptive film for variable printing on both sides of the card
  • DocuFold: Print both sides of the card on the front of the sheet. Peel card out of the sheet and fold the adhesive back for a card that is twice as thick.
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