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About DocuCopy

In 1958, fresh out of the army, Al Holmberg opened a modest print shop in the basement of a grocery store. An inventor and entrepreneur, Al quickly moved from printing to creating innovative new products for the printing industry. As the print industry evolved, Al worked with industry-leading equipment companies to develop some of the earliest converted products for the new digital printing equipment.

Those products formed the basis of the DocuCopy line of products and are the benchmark for many products out in the market today. We’ve come a long way from that print shop in the basement but we’re still family-owned and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. DocuCopy products continue to be the industry standard for innovation and quality in the print industry. All DocuCopy products are manufactured in Minnesota with materials produced in the USA. Our products are sold through distribution and available in North America.

Founder Al Holmberg circa 1960

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